What are hormones? This question must clicked in your mind at least once. In a lay man language they are the chemical messenger inside our body. So, biologically hormones are chemical messengers of the body which are present in our blood and they control the most complex processes of our body like reproduction, growth, menstruation, metabolism, mood, emotions and behaviour. As we all know they’re flowing through our bodies in our blood, but the main question is what do they actually do? How does they affect our body? How they affect our health ( either if it’s physical, mental or emotional).


Left and right human brain. Creative half and logic half of human mind. Do you know our hormones affect our “LOVE LIFE” also? If you notice, hormonal changes occur in every phase of life around you? As you all know that girls need more pampering during their menstrual period and pregnancy, breakouts, hair fall, mood swings etc occurs. Have you ever wondered why these things happens? The answer is “HORMONES”. Hormonal changes occur at every stage of life.

At some point you’ve probably heard people saying “don’t mind if I’m being too moody”, it’s just my hormones. It is certainly convenient to blame hormones for steering us away from a good mood, clear skin, weight gain or loose, feeling mentally sharp but we’ve to remember they’re just doing their jobs.

Hormones govern nearly every process in our bodies as there are 50 different hormones in human body. Just imagine a single body contain 50 hormones, so how much work can they do in our body, and we’re unaware of a lot of things happening inside our body.


50 HORMONES are categorised into 3 parts i.e.protein and polypeptide hormones,steroid hormones and tyrosine derivatives

#{ endocrine system (functional internally) is one of your body’s main communicators. It uses blood vessels to deliver hormones to cells .}


Your hormones are chemical messengers that influences your mood,emotions, height, weight, growth and development, reproduction, menstruation,blood pressure, and there are some hormones that control your mental, physical and emotional well being.

Just a slip in the number of hormones,all these things will get off balance.And the results would be worst.

-> for example:

⚫ Some girls suffer from PCOD  on the other hands some girls have overflow of blood and worst cramps during menstrual period.

⚫ One person is having excessive hair growth and the other person is bald.

⚫ Obesity.

All the above example are of hormonal changes.

We must balance our hormones to have a proper life style.Balancing hormones properly is not possible,you can do things to get your body on a right track.Mainly,this will come down to what you eat, how often you exercise and how much sleep you get. But if you start focusing on these aspects you’ll experience hormonal Balance and peace within your body.


Do you know,more than 40% of people around the world are unhappy.So,we can easily calculate that at least 1 period out of 3 is not happy with their life.Are you one of those people?       If yes, so let’s find out how to improve your happiness.

It’s within you only. It’s just the  game of hormones.Have you heard of happiness chemicals?  Your brain releases these happy chemicals that make you feel good.And it’s funny how people are finding happiness in materialistic things, relationships ,etc. But that’s not the right way to make yourself happy,You can’t find happiness and peace from the outside world. IT IS WITHIN YOU.Happiness is something you can create on your own.Improving your happiness can be as simple as getting a good night sleep.


When you feel good your brain releases happy hormones. Simple right!So there are four main happiness brain chemicals:


It enables motivation and pleasure which gives you the determination to accomplish goals, desires and need.It is similar to the ” i got it!”  ,” I did it !”  feeling when you accomplish something.

You know what,the overstimulation of dopamine can become real problem.You guys must be thinking like how,it is such a pleasurable hormone which makes us motivated.It can become a problem because of it’s addictive nature. It’s is closely tied to developing bad habits and addiction.

People who have overstimulation of dopamine can’t face failure, people who commits suicide after facing a single failure in their life are one of those.

So sometimes happy hormones can be dangerous as it leaves you desiring more and more


Sounds interesting right!!!So love birds, attention please. And focus

Why our heart beats so damn fast when our loved ones are around us? How you fall in love with someone? It’s your hormone which makes you and your body behave like that.This hormone gives you desire to stick together with those you “trust” which creates a feeling of safety or comfort.

It also have some negative effects.You guys must have heard about ” psycho lovers” . A lover is a positive word whereas a psycho lover is a negative word.So psycho lovers are ones who have overstimulation of oxytocin.

Serotonin rewards you with a good feeling when you feel important.You all must have experienced that pleasure when you find someone loyal who makes you feel important.It’s a very good feeling right!

Similarly, it is the pleasure you get when you experience social power, loyalty, trust, importance, status,etc.It is calm form of confidence and accepting yourself with the people around you.It motivates you ,gives you that leadership quality in you , helps you grow.

Basically it’s a laughter or crying hormone.Endorphins release a brief euphoria that masks physical pain. It is a response to pain and stress which also helps alleviate anxiety and depression. Any kind of physical distress can trigger endorphins.

However, you can also get a release of endorphins when you experience “runners high”. Runners high only occurs when you exceed your limits.

The release of endorphins acts as a natural pain killer and diminishes your perceptions of pain.


Let’s take an example: when you are overstressed and you’re thinking too much, you’ll end up having a headache.

If you’re having less dopamine or serotonin,thus ,less happiness .This deficiency can lead to various effects that could contribute to mental illness like  depression, anxiety,lack of sleep,etc.

Dopamine deficiency can lead to procrastination, Low self esteem, lack of motivation, low energy , inability to focus , feeling anxious , feeling hopeless , mood swings.

Oxytocin deficiency leads to feeling lonely, stressed, a feeling of disconnect from your relationships.

Serotonin deficiency leads to low self esteem , being overly sensitive and emotional, anxiety and panic attacks , mood swings, depression and feeling hopeless, social phobia.

If anyone around you is having any of these things, rather than judging them or making fun of them, you guys should understand them and know that it’s not your fault. You should comfort that person and if you’re having these,give yourself some space and time,free yourself,you can overcome by your own.
Your mind is regulating you and you know your mind ,no one knows your mind more than you. Materialistic things cannot help you find happiness,you have to create it by your own. It’s inside you don’t be dependent on others.

It’s your brain,you should know how to control your brain.
Create your own happiness world inside you .